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How To Make Great Iced Tea at Home

Homemade iced tea is a delightful and refreshing drink that is especially popular in summer and in hot weather, but can be enjoyed at any time of year. Q: Why is homemade iced tea better than bottled tea? A: It is healthier, more affordable, and tastes much better! Tea is widely regarded as a healthy …

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5 Refreshing Tea Recipes

If you’re looking for a way to enjoy those warm evenings on the porch, then have a go at these refreshing tea recipes! Try Iced Turmeric Green Tea from eatwell 101 for a delicate, natural green tea. For a tropical twist, make some Guava Iced Tea courtesy of  Binjal’s VEG Kitchen: This Ginger & Lemon Iced Tea from …

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Iced Sinharaja and Other Black Teas

Tea lovers have always been inordinately fond of the wide variety of black teas that exist. Black is wonderful when iced, and it has its fans located in every corner of the United States. Connoisseurs have long decided that they want something that is better than the black teas sold at the grocery store, and …

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