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May 08

5 Refreshing Tea Recipes

If you’re looking for a way to enjoy those warm evenings on the porch, then have a go at these refreshing tea recipes! Try Iced Turmeric Green Tea from eatwell 101 for a delicate, natural green tea. For a tropical twist, make some Guava Iced Tea courtesy of  Binjal’s VEG Kitchen: This Ginger & Lemon Iced Tea from …

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Jan 03

Making Rose Hip Tea From Fresh Rose Hips Picked From the Garden

Now that the flowers are gone, it’s time to make Rose Hip tea! Did you know you could make delicious tea from rose flowers? It’s true, both the rose petals, and the hips from the roses can be brewed into a delicious tea. The hips from the roses contain a high amount of vitamin C, …

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Oct 25

Delightful Honey and Tea Combinations

Lots of people like to use honey to sweeten their tea naturally instead of using regular table sugar because of its many health benefits. Natural honey is a great source of carbohydrates, and it sweetens without adding any preservatives or additives to your tea. Also, when you add flavor to your tea with honey it …

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Sep 27

Homemade Thai Iced Tea Recipe

If you have ever eaten in a Thai or perhaps a Vietnamese restaurant, then you have probably seen an interesting orange colored beverage in a tall glass go by with a waiter or waitress you’ve often wondered just what kind of drink this might be. You’re pretty sure it’s a Thai drink…. after all, you …

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Sep 12

Chai Honey Tea Recipe

Experience the health benefits of honey (NC) Healthy ingredients are the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. Whether it be a minor addition for flavour, or an increased dosage that completely transforms a meal, finding healthy ingredients that are both nutritious and delicious can enhance your diet and your life. Honey is a diverse ingredient that …

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Feb 10

Patio Perfect Summer Spritzer

Ingredients 4 PC ginger peach tea bags 2 cups (500 mL) ice cubes 4 cans (each 250 mL) PC 100% sparkling fruit juice- mango-peach, chilled Instructions Place tea bags in large glass measuring cup. Pour 3 cups (750 mL) boiling water over tea bags. Let stand 4 to 5 minutes. Remove tea bags. Add 2 …

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