Instagram Eye Candy: Tea Ice Cream

Tea flavored ice cream stands are popping up all over, and for tea lovers who also have a bit of a sweet tooth, this treat is heavenly!  It’s the dessert tea lovers never knew they were missing.

I also think the tea cones are lovely, so here are some Instagram pics of tea ice cream cones, along with some places where you can find tea cones.

Hail’s Soft Serve

Maokong Hill

cute cats top ice cream 😋😋 #teaicecream #freezing #chilling

A photo posted by Carolyn Yang 楊絡甯☀️ (@carolynjess) on

Matcha Desserts

Aqua S

Cuteness overload 🤤🎄❄️ @aquas_au's matcha Christmas tree x rose n sea salt #reindeer soft serves #YesDW

A photo posted by Food ╳ Lifestyle By PAUL (@paulpayasalad) on

Dazaifu Tenman-gū

When in Japan

A photo posted by Ivan Broida (@flanivan) on

Messina Miranda

NeNe Chicken Northbridge

Fat Ninja Bite

Or you can grab some Häagen-Dazs® green tea ice cream at your local grocer!

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