Organic Tea

Tea PlantationsThese days, people everywhere are enjoying the taste and the health benefits of a number of different teas. And if you want to benefit from the healthiest of the teas, then consider buying organic tea.

What Makes Tea Organic?

Many consumers are turning to organic tea as their beverage of choice. So what makes a tea organic? Basically, tea bushes have to be grown in a pesticide-free environment to be considered organic. In Europe, tea producers must have three years of organic husbandry before they will be considered for certification.

A Growing Industry

One of the leading producers of organic teas is Makaibari Estates (an Indian company) in the Himalayas. Organic tea is becoming a growing industry in other places lately, especially in Japan. This includes developing countries, and this development has lead to the Fair Trade movement.

What is Fair Trade Organic Tea?

“Fair Trade” signs have been popping up all over coffee and tea labels recently, and the label means that the tea estate workers in developing countries are getting paid fair wages, receive decent health care, and are working under safe conditions.

The Fair Trade label also means that US tea importers have paid a premium for the tea estate workers. This premium goes towards benefits for the tea workers’ communities and the workers decide on how it will be used. Some of the benefits include educational scholarships, electricity in their villages, pension funds for retirement, and vaccinations.

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